Individual and Business Tax Returns In Southern Utah


The United States federal tax code totals out at 74,608 pages. That’s not a typo. Imagine that — over 74,000 pages of regulations, amendments, loopholes, and legalese.

Not exactly something you’d sit down and read for entertainment.

Of course that number doesn’t include the Utah portion, which presumably adds a lot more. And whether you live in the capitol city or here in beautiful Southern Utah, tax return time can stress anyone out. How is anyone supposed to keep track of it all?

It doesn’t matter if you’re filling as an individual, couple, or business. Navigating the tax code can be a hairy prospect for anyone. Unfortunately, it’s also something you can’t afford to get wrong.

Everyone wants to minimize their tax burden. And nobody wants to face penalties, fines, or even risk legal action for not getting their taxes right. From a relatively un-complex 1040-EZ, to convoluted corporate or LLC filings, you must be aware of all the ins-and-outs of the tax code and how they may apply to you.

Because tax time is no time to fly by the seat of your pants.

Getting your tax return prepared and filed correctly is in your own best interest, not only because you can avoid future troubles, but also because you could lessen your financial liability NOW. And who does’t want that?

Unless you’re an accountant or have training in tax preparation, filing your own tax return can be risky. The IRS employs around 90,000 people, each one paid to do their job by the letter. So you can bet that while they see their fair share of mistakes made by regular folks, they’re going to uphold the rules.

The best way to avoid hot water and pay only the taxes you’re liable for is to get some professional help. CPA and accounting firms in Southern Utah and elsewhere generally employ certified tax preparers. These are the people who know what questions to ask, which forms to use, and how to use every available tool to save you money – while staying on the right side of the law.

What should you look for when hiring a tax preparer?

Obviously, not all of them are created equally, and you shouldn’t trust just anyone with a sign and a costume on a busy street. Here are a few things to consider.

  • First and foremost, make sure they have a PTIN. This is a preparer tax identification number. Without it, they are not allowed to prepare tax returns for anyone but themselves. Make sure they have this before giving away any information.
  • Other things to consider are their years of experience, whether or not they have documented ability to prepare your type of return, what their fees are, and if they offer e-filing.
  • Also, keep in mind that local tax preparers will be the most aware of any tax code nuances and variations in your area.

Filing your tax return is a pretty big deal, but it doesn’t have to cause you undue stress. Here in Southern Utah, there are many qualified tax professionals who can answer your questions and take the burden off your plate. If you aren’t 100% certain you’ll get it right, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Business and Individual Bookkeeping In Southern Utah


Ask most people about the term bookkeeping, and they’ll bring up things like accounting, invoices, and expenses. While bookkeeping carries different meanings to different people, most accountants would agree that the process of bookkeeping involves what the name implies: keeping the books. Keeping the books usually means tracking and documenting financial transactions of various kinds. It may seem pretty simple, but this is a vital step to a healthy business. And it can quickly get out of hand if you let it.

So, how are bookkeeping and accounting related?

Are bookkeeping and account the same thing? Not really. However, accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping is the foundation of proper accounting. Think of it this way. If a bookkeeper loses track of payables, receivables, or expense transactions, the accountant will never be able to balance the books and provide accurate reporting for taxes, ROI, or any other purpose.

And even in sunny Southern Utah, that’s where some unfortunate things can happen.

To keep your business – and yourself – running in the black both financially and legally, all financial transactions must be tracked, documented, and categorized. The information gleaned from proper bookkeeping is extremely important to keeping your bottom line where it needs to be. Keeping all this information accurate and up to date is the job of your bookkeeper. Whether you’re keeping your own books or using an outside service, there are several things quality bookkeeping can help you stay on top of:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow analysis and reporting
  • Business and financial analytics

Without good bookkeeping, your monthly and year-end accounting data can turn into a big, tangled mess. This is especially important when it comes time to file your tax return. For this reason, a lot of Southern Utah businesses and individuals choose to hire a bookkeeping service.

When you’re running a business, getting some outside help can take a huge weight off of your shoulders. They know the best practices and rules to keep you organized and out of trouble. Best of all, with your bookkeeping safe in the hands of a professional, you can focus on marketing, customer service, and other concerns that make you more successful.

As far as Southern Utah Bookkeeping goes, there are plenty of sources who can answer your questions or just take care of everything for you. If you feel overwhelmed or simply need some clarification, try contacting a local accounting and bookkeeping firm for help. Doing so can save you a lot of hassle and expense in the long run.

Benefits Of Hiring A Local Bookkeeping and Accounting Firm


When you’re running a business – especially a small one – it’s easy to believe you can handle all the back-office tasks yourself, including the bookkeeping. Starting out, you probably used something like Quickbooks or even spreadsheets to track expenses, payables, and cashflow. But is that really enough?

As you know, tax codes and accounting regulations can be pretty complicated. What you consider a tame kitten can quickly turn into a big, hairy, and hungry monster. Eventually, and hopefully not too late, you realize that you need some outside help. With a Southern Utah bookkeeping and accounting firm on your side, you can rest assured your financials are in good shape. And that will help you avoid future tax and accounting nightmares.

When looking for the right firm, you’ll likely turn to referrals from friends, or browse the web. These are both good ways to find the help you need. However, many experts recommend looking locally first. Why? There are many reasons, but here are just a few to consider.

  • Local regulations – As a Southern Utah business, you might run into issues that are unique to the area. Counties often have different tax rates, codes, and incentives not everyone is aware of. When you hire a firm in Southern Utah to handle your bookkeeping, tax returns, and overall financial wellness, you know they are in tune with local regulations.
  • Convenience – A healthy business requires staying on top of your financials. When you hire an outside firm, it’s especially important to keep the lines of communication open and maintain a good relationship. All of this becomes easier when you hire a local company. You can stop by the office with questions, make a local call, and easily deliver or retrieve any necessary paperwork without having to scan and email dozens of pages.
  • Understanding – Most local bookkeeping and accounting firms are small businesses – just like you. They understand the challenges you face, as well as the benefits of doing business here. They can help you with local networking, business growth, and referrals.

Of course it goes without saying that your Southern Utah accounting and bookkeeping firm can help you with business tasks large and small; from accounts payable and balance sheets, to financial consulting, payroll, and tax returns.

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to spread yourself too thin. Getting some help from a local accountant can keep your financials in check while you focus on growing your business.

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