Payroll Services

Payroll processing gets more and more complicated the more a business grows. AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC understands this. That’s why our goal for payroll processing services is to make paying your employees as simple as possible. Outsourcing with us means hassle-free, affordable payment services, custom-tailored to meet your company’s needs.
Outsourcing simplifies the entire payroll process while saving you money on employee expenses and benefits.

2 Different Levels of Payroll Services

We provide payroll accounting services for all company sizes within the Cedar City and St. George, Utah areas on two different levels:

      1. Live Payroll- Providing paychecks and pay stubs to employees per your pay cycles.
      2. After the Fact Payroll- Payroll for shareholders, provided on a quarterly basis. Our processes help business owners analyze payroll costs and expenses.

Payroll Processing Services

Unlike DIY online payroll processing, our services are provided by a team of accounting experts. The owner of AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC, Adrian D Anderson, MAcc, has over 5 years’ experience in payroll processing. We can handle your payroll needs, no matter how large or small.

When you outsource your payroll accounting services to AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC, you free yourself up to run your own business. Now, you have more time to concentrate on your company’s customer service, service/product development, sales, marketing, etc… All you have to do is send us your employees’ hours for the pay period, and your part is done.

Here are just some of the benefits of outsourcing payroll services to AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC:

  • No time-consuming, tedious payroll paperwork
  • Paychecks and pay stubs printed out for all employees
  • Direct deposit provided to designated employees bank accounts
  • W2 processing for year-end income tax reporting
  • Wages (and tip) reporting done on time
  • Quarterly and annual tax filings completed for local, state and IRS entities

Full Service Payroll Tax Filing Services

All employers must meet the payroll tax reporting requirements put in place by their federal, state, and local governments. Not keeping up with these requirements will lead to penalties. In extreme cases, you can even lose your business altogether.

At AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC of St. George and Cedar City, Utah, we aim to make the entire payroll processing system easier on you. With our full service payroll tax filing services, we take care of everything from hiring to filing. We handle all of your payroll tax calculations and payroll payments, as well as payroll reporting responsibilities so you don’t have to anymore.

Miscellaneous Payroll Tax Filing and Reporting Services

We process your employees’ W4 and your contractors’ W-9 to ensure accurate payroll tax processing. Then, we handle everything related to paycheck processing and bookkeeping throughout the year, including quarterly reports. At the end of the year, we take full responsibility for all W-2 and 1099 Filings, as well as all other annual payroll paperwork and reports.
AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC of St. George and Cedar City, Utah also deals with various other payroll accounting issues and reporting to help keep your company on track, including:

  • Unemployment
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Labor Distribution
  • Vacation Pay Accrual
  • Sick Pay Accrual
  • Fiscal Year Reporting
  • Business Bookkeeping for A/R, A/P, Payroll Integrations

Outsource Your Payroll Processing Services to AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC

We use the most innovative technology around to ensure the accuracy and safety of your payroll checks, reports, and other documents. Our Southern Utah accounting firm is perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, medium-sized companies, and corporations.

AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC keeps track of all of your payroll documentations, keeping your business financials on track, so there’s no need to hire and maintain an in-house, full-time payroll department. Call AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC, and start outsourcing your payroll processing services today.

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