Does Your Small Business Need A CPA Or A Bookkeeper?

To maximize your business productivity, you may have started to look into outsourcing your accounting needs to a reputable Cedar City accounting firm. But it can be difficult to know if you need the assistance of a certified public accountant (CPA) or a bookkeeper.

To help you determine which of these accounting services your small business may need, below is an overview of what a CPA and a bookkeeper can offer your organization.

CPAs Often Work With Large And Complex Companies

In most cases, CPAs have received an undergraduate degree in accounting and generally require about 150 hours of study to even attempt to pass the licensing tests of a certified public accountant. After being licensed, CPAs need to complete annual continuing education requirements to remain licensed and to keep on top of new regulations and tax laws.

With this high degree of education, CPAs will often work with larger business in a number of capacities. Sometimes, CPAs will act as financial advisors to companies, assisting in entity restructuring when needed, performing income tax planning, verifying the work of company bookkeepers and accountants, and other tasks.

A small business owner can benefit from consulting with a CPA on occasion, especially before taking the next step with their business. However, retaining the services of a CPA may not be cost-effective for a small business that has simpler accounting needs.

Bookkeepers Are Effective With Most Small Businesses

There are no set certifications or degrees for a bookkeeper. However, if someone is offering bookkeeping services, often they will have at least an accounting degree.

Generally, a bookkeeper is focused more on the daily accounting needs of your business, which is often more applicable to the needs of a small, growing company. Whether you work with an in-house bookkeeper or outsource your accounting needs, a bookkeeper will maintain your general financial records.

From updating and reviewing the general ledger, performing bank reconciliations, creating balance sheets, and many other daily bookkeeping tasks, you can feel secure with an experienced bookkeeper managing your financial records.

Consult With AA Tax & Accounting Services, LLC

If you have been considering what kind of accounting service will best accommodate your small business, you can consult with our Cedar City accountant. He has over a decade of experience working as an accountant, and has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting, giving him a strong educational background to match his experience.

By consulting with our accountant concerning your company, goals, and current needs, you can receive tailored accounting services that make sense for your business. You won’t need to pay for bundled services that you don’t need, and as your company grows, our accountant can re-customize your services.

To consult with our accountant regarding your business’ accounting needs, contact us to set up your consultation today.

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