Eliminate Stress by Having a Professional File Your Personal 2016 Tax Return

Eliminate Stress by Having a Professional File Your Personal 2016 Tax Return

As the mid-April tax deadline looms, many of us panic. We wonder if we’ll get a refund, owe taxes, or get things filed accurately so we don’t get in trouble with the IRS. For most Americans, there are simply more tax questions than answers.

Thankfully, there is a way to avoid the stress associated with confusing tax code and IRS paperwork. You’ve probably heard this before, but the best way to ensure a proper filing is to hire a tax professional. But here, instead of simply giving you that recommendation, we’re going to give you the reasons why hiring a tax preparer is the way to go — even for individual returns.

7 Reasons to Hire a Tax Preparer

  1. Hassle
    The reason so many of us panic during tax time is that we can’t find the time to gather documents and fill out the paperwork. Or, we simply aren’t sure of our own ability to do it right. Hiring a pro solves this problem.
  2. Time
    The old adage “time is money” is spot-on when it comes to taxes. Yes, you’ll need to pay the preparer’s fee. However, it’s affordable for most people, especially if you consider it an investment in lowering your tax burden and alleviating risk. Besides — your time is worth something, isn’t it?
  3. Knowledge
    Unless you’re CPA or tax pro yourself, you probably don’t spend your days keeping up on the changing tax codes. This is what tax preparers do, and you’ll never have to worry about knowing the rules if you hire a pro.
  4. Mistakes
    We all make mistakes in life, but most of them won’t get us in trouble with the IRS — unless we goof on our tax return. Those mistakes are likely to cost you time, money, and maybe more.
  5. Human Touch
    Sure, tax filing software is helpful for many of us. But a software program or website can’t help you during an audit, and will never have the savvy of a real-life human being who’s well-versed in tax law.
  6. Peace of mind
    This certainly goes along with number 1, but it bears emphasis. When you hire a tax preparer, not only will you not have to mess with all that paperwork yourself, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your return is in qualified, accurate hands.
  7. Money
    Yes, this is the big one. Having your taxes professionally done will likely end up saving you money in the grand scheme of things. They know every tax credit and deduction available to get you the maximum refund. They can also make recommendations on how to lessen your tax burden in the future, which could save you thousands over multiple years.

If you haven’t yet done so for your 2016 return, it’s not too late to find a tax pro. As you can see from the 7 reasons above, letting a professional handle your return can greatly reduce your stress, increase your accuracy, and help you keep more of your money.

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