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Community Services

Including giving in your life provides a direct benefit to both society and your soul. There’s another advantage many people overlook. Your charitable donation can make a noticeable difference in the size of your tax return. This is particularly the case if you’re guided by an expert tax accountant.

It can be hard to decide which nonprofit to support, given there are so many organizations out there doing great things. It makes sense to start in your own backyard, assisting people in your community doing their part to improve the world.

One such organization is Turn Community Services, a Cedar City-based nonprofit that provides support for adults with intellectual disabilities and the people who love them.

Turn Community Services Provides Disabled Adults With Help, Hope

Turn Community Services was founded in 1973 by a group of Utah parents seeking better services for their adult children with intellectual disabilities. At the time, the typical course of action was for parents to place their child in a state institution or have them remain at home, with few opportunities for learning or social interaction.

The nonprofit’s first endeavors were to found residential programs in Ogden and Bountiful, group environments where clients can live in regular homes while receiving the support they need. More than 40 years later, Turn Community Services has expanded to provide a wide array of services throughout Utah. Its reach has grown to include 800 individuals and their families!

Residential Programs

People who live in Turn Community Services’ group homes are assisted with life and social skills and provided with community engagement. There’s a wide range of practical support available to residents, including management of medical needs and personal funds.

Art And Educational Day Services

Turn Community Services also has Art and Educational Day Services that give adults with intellectual disabilities an opportunity for self-expression. While clients learn and create in a safe space, their families can rest easy and pursue activities like work knowing their children are in good hands.

Turn City Center for the Arts in Salt Lake City is a prime example of how a day program can lend support and meaning to adults with intellectual disabilities. Clients at the center are given with instruction and materials to produce artwork. They can also take classes in pursuits like:

  • Breakdancing
  • Creative writing
  • Drama, improv and musical theater
  • Hapkido
  • Percussion
  • Singing
  • Yoga

Day services clients produce some remarkable artwork. When it’s sold, a portion of proceeds goes to sustain the program and a portion goes to artists.

Summer Camp

Turn Community Services also offers ongoing summer camps, including one in Cedar City. These afford people with intellectual disabilities, age 6 to 22, with the chance for outdoor discovery and memorable community experiences.

Your contribution to Turn Community Services also helps fund programs like:

  • Supported employment
  • Family support and respite services
  • Mental health counseling

If you’ve been wanting to include charitable giving in your financial plan but haven’t yet done so, it’s never too late to “turn” over a new leaf. Your donation to a nonprofit like Turn Community Services is just one of the many deductions that can bring you benefit when it comes to dealing with the IRS.

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