Cedar City Non-Profit Organizations: Donating to Iron County Care and Share

Contributing to a local charitable organization is good for your community and good for your soul. Because donations to nonprofits are tax-deductible, they can also be great for your financial bottom line.

Your contributions can make a marked difference in the size of your tax return, particularly if you are under the guidance of tax specialists like the one at AA Tax & Accounting Services.

Why Choose Iron County Care And Share?

Once you decide to include giving in your financial plan, it can be hard to choose a cause. Iron County Care and Share is a terrific option for those who want to help struggling individuals and families by offering them the proverbial hand-up rather than just a handout.

Founded in 1984, Iron County Care and Share starts with the basics—emergency food and shelter—and then aims to foster self-sufficiency among clients. The nonprofit serves people in Iron County living below the poverty line as well as the chronically homeless in Beaver, Washington, Garfield and Kane counties. Many clients are among the most vulnerable of Americans, including those who are:

  • Elderly
  • Physically or developmentally disabled
  • Mentally ill
  • Veterans
  • Iron County Care and Share Offers Emergency Shelter To Homeless Individuals And Families

    One of the most important services offered by this ambitious nonprofit is the Iron County Care and Share Emergency Shelter. The 34-bed shelter houses some 400 individuals and families every year.

    The staff aims to provide more than a band-aid for those who walk through their doors.
    They help clients apply for benefits like food stamps, health insurance and Social Security.

    Anyone who stays more than three days meets with a case manager, who works with them to identify the challenges that brought them to a financial crisis. They can then craft a plan to help the client overcome identified hurdles.

    Clients who receive help getting into housing are mentored by a case manager who helps them search for employment and, if needed, receive counseling for mental health or substance abuse issues.

    Iron County Care And Share Helps Feed Hundreds of Families

    Another invaluable service provided by Iron County Care and Share (ICCS) is their food pantry. Each year, the pantry supplies more than 850 households with perishable and nonperishable food as well as necessities like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and hygiene items.

    Iron County Care and Share also welcomes financial contributions. They always go straight to people in your area in desperate need, and your donation can be deducted from your taxes.

    Our accountant at AA Tax & Accounting Services is familiar with many excellent nonprofits throughout Southern Utah. If you’d like advice on other nonprofit recommendations to help with preparing your taxes, contact us to make an appointment.

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